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May 2020

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Providedby FOA corporate members - listed on the FOA website inmapand listform.

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TheFOA is an international non-profit educationalassociation that is chartered to promoteprofessionalism in fiber optics through education,certification and standards. Readmore.

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The June 2020Issue Of The FOA Newsletter Is Now Online

As theworld goes back to work, FOA Approved training organizationsare starting to offer classes at their facilities again. Inthis issue of the FOA Newsletter, we show you how two ofthese schools have adapted to social distancing in theclassroom. We also discuss a new Fiber U Basic Skills Labthat uses inexpensive equipment available online andsimulators to allow do-it-yourself learning.

Read more about it in the FOA Newsletter for June 2020.

FOA Newsletter

Read TheLatest FOA OnlineNewsletter:

TrainingIs Back - Made Safer
Remote Labs - DIY
Online Learning Update
Changing Times (Technology)
Role of Coops In Connecting Rural America
Aerial Cable Installation Done Right
The Right Hardware Makes It Better
FOA Loss Budget Caculator
The Cable Plant Project Deliverables
dB Is Still Confusing
FOA Helps Teachers Worldwide
Problems With Fiber Curl
StandardFor Installation

Question On Safety
Recognizing The FOA Founders

Plussome really interesting technicalquestions from our readers  

Areyou experienced in fiber optics but not yet FOA CFOT?certified? FOA's"WorkTo Cert" program is just for you.

videos More FOA YouTube Lectures - >100 total !

Allin the FOA online newsletter.

TimeTo Renew Your CFOT?  YouCan Renew Online

FOAGuide "Basics Of Fiber Optics" Now Available in Portuguese

FOA hasnow translated the Basics of Fiber Optics textbook in ourOnline Guide into Portuguese, joining Spanish and Frenchtranslations. For those speaking Portuguese, we have thetechnical information and for schools we also havecurriculum available.

Hereis the FOAGuide in Portuguese,Spanish andFrenchtranslations.

TryThe FOA's New Online Loss Budget Calculator

FOA haswritten many articles about loss budgets, something everyoneinvolved in fiber optics needs to know and needs to know howto calculate. We've created a online Loss Budget Calculatorthat does the work for you. Just input your cable plant dataand it calculates the loss budget. It works on any device,especially smartphones and tablets for field use and evenallows printing the results.

FOA Loss Budget Calculator

Bookmarkthis page (especially on your smartphone: FOALoss Budget Calculator Online

LennieLightwave's Guide - 25th Anniversary Edition

FOA hasreprinted "LennieLightwave's Guide" on its 25th anniversary in aspecial print edition.

Lennie 25th Anniversary

Manyof you have used the current online version of Lennie'sGuide on the FOA website. Now you can have a slick printedversion - real paper - you can hold in your hand and read.Leave a copy on your desktop to impress your friends, or onthe table in your company's reception area instead ofout-of-date magazines. Give them to your customers andemployees to help them learn fiber optics. Use it to preparefor FOA certifications. FOA will be giving them away atconferences like the IMSA Annual Conference or the IBEW/eTANational Training Institute later this summer.

You can get your own copies of
LennieLightwave's Guide at Amazon.com, only $9.95each US$.

Or visit FOA at a trade show. We'll be at NTI in AnnArbor and IMSA in New Orleans this summer.

FOACertifications Now Last For 3-Years

Beginningon January 1, 2019, all FOA certifications issued or renewedare for 3 years. As part of our program to adhere tointernational standards for certifying bodies and to ensureFOA certified techs are up to date on the latesttechnologies and applications, FOA is also consideringadding a short online course called "Fiber Update" as afuture requirement for renewal. This course would cover newtechnology and applications that FOA thinks all techniciansshould be familiar with. Over the next year we will betesting this concept by offering it to selected individuals.You may be one of those selected!

SPECIALOFFER - Save 1/3 On Your Certification Renewal Cost

In thenear future, there will be a requirement for continuingeducation to renew your FOA certifications. We'll explainwhy soon, but for now FOA is testing an option for renewalswhere you take a short Fiber U online self-study course withcertificate of completion exam and pay for renewal whentaking the exam. 

If you would like to help FOA test this option, you can save1/3 the cost of your renewal.  Gohere to take the Fiber U CFOT Renewal Course:

NewSections In FOA Guide

FOA Guide

Haveyou seen the new  FOAGuide section to OSP Construction? Most CFOTs dealwith fiber after installation - splicing, terminating anstestingyou, so this section tells  what happens beforethe CFOTs arrive. It's a great lesson for managers andsupervisors too! 

There is a new page on coherentcommunications too - how fiber goes farther andfaster.

There is a new free Fiber U course on  OSPConstruction based on this FOAGuide section .

Also new - FOAGuide section on inspecting and cleaning connectors.

Fiber U

Fiber UOffers Free Online Self-Study Programs, and "Fiber UCertificate of Completion" For All FOA CertificationCourses.

New FiberU Basic Skills Labs - Updates on the FiberOptic Basic Skills Lab and new CopperPremises Cabling Basic Skills Lab.

There is a new free Fiber U course on  OSPConstruction based on this FOAGuide section .

Readmore at FiberU.

ForSchools and Instructors

Ifyour organization is interested in becoming an FOAApproved School, see NewSchool Requirements and Application Procedures and RequirementsFor FOA Training Programs

Ifyou are a current FOA Approved School, here is the SchoolUpdate/Renewal Form.  

ClassroomResources For STEM Teachers In K-12 And Technical Schools

STEM teachers resources

Teachers in all grades can introduce their students to fiberoptic technology with some simple demonstrations. FOA hascreated a page for STEM or STEAM (science, technology,engineering, artsand math) teachers with materials appropriate to theirclasses. FiberOptic Resources For STEM Teachers.

FOAalso has a new YouTubeVideo on "Careersin Fiber Optics" and a "CareersIn Fiber Optics" Website.See below.

HowFiber Works - Live!

Fiber-live demo

Want to see how fiber works, how attenuation is wavelengthdependent and what causes connector loss?
View our "Fiber Optics - Live!" YouTube videos.

FOA Corporate Member


Searchfor products and services offered by hundreds of FOAcorporate members worldwide. Corporatemembers are  listed on the FOA website in mapand listform.

FOA Corporate members

FOAoffers corporate memberships to companies involved in fiberoptics as manufacturers, contractors, installers, etc. FOACorporate Members get substantial discounts onmembership/certification renewals and directcertifications. Other benefits include access totraining and direct certifications. Readmore.

Lennie careers
FOA has a new YouTubeVideo on "Careersin Fiber Optics" and a
"CareersIn Fiber Optics" Website.
Interested in exploring a career in fiber optics? FOAhas created a YouTube Video and a webpage that describeswhat a fiber optic worker does, where they work and how toget started. It's mainly aimed at high school students butit's relevant to anyone interested in changing careers also.Go here for the Y
ouTubeVideo on "Careersin Fiber Optics" or the  FOACareers In Fiber Optics webpage.

FOA Jobs

FOA"Finding A Job"Website
We getmany questions from CFOTs, students at FOA-Approved schoolsand others contemplating getting into the fiber opticbusiness regarding jobs in fiber optics - and how to findthem - so we’ve created a new web page to share someinformation we've gathered about jobs in our industry. Theinformation is designed to help you understand what jobs areavailable in fiber optics, how to find them and apply forthem.

Looking For A Job In FiberOptics?
WhereAre The Jobs In Fiber Optics? ThisFOA YouTube Video talks about all the applications forfiber optics, what the jobs involve and thequalifications for the workers in the field.If you are currently looking for a job in fiber optics,here is the FOA's guide tojobs web page. TheFOA JobsWeb Page has been updated and a new page added on Usingyour FOA Training/Certification to Find the Right Jobin Fiber Optics

If youhave job openings, let us post them on FOA on LinkedIn.

FOA Standards For Contractors, Installers and NetworkUsers

Most industry standards are written for manufacturers sothey can build products that are interoperable to allowmultiple sources in the marketplace. These manufacturers areresponsible for interpreting these standards for theircustomers. FOA has been requested to create standards forcontractors, installers and network users, providing ageneric interpretation of these standards. We've created afew already on testing, one of the most confusing issues infiber optics. Furthermore, we've provided them in a 1 pagesummary format, making understanding them much easier.
Gohere for more information.

Free From FOA: NECA/FOA 301 Fiber Optic InstallationStandard

NECA 301
Because of its importance to users, contractors andinstallers of fiber optic networks, The FOA and NECA haveagreed to make the NECA/FOA301 Fiber Optic Installation Standard available freefrom FOA.
Standards usually cover components and systems and how totest them, but rarely get into installation issues. Thisstandard is derived from FOA educational material put instandards form and approved by ANSI as an American NationalStandard. It's specifically written to be used in contractsto define "installation in a neat and workmanlikemanner."   Go to
NECA/FOA301 Fiber Optic Installation Standard to learn moreand download your free copy.
FOA videos FOA Videos

TheFOA has created a special FOA channel on YouTube, thefoainc,where we're posting instructional videos and lecturesfor everyone's use. We've got lectures on premisescabling and fiber optics and  hands-ondemonstrations about fiber optics and communicationscabling - yes, even "Cat 5"!

FOA channel on YouTube, thefoainc

FreeSelf-Study Programs
Lennie Lightwave  Fiber U
Lennie Lightwave and Fiber U are back! Learn the basics offiber optics  in preparation for taking a trainingcourse, refresh your knowledge or prepare for the CFOT examonline at FiberU online.
New: Self-Study programs on outside plant (OSP) fiber opticsand OTDRs (with a free OTDR simulator to download)

FOA on LinkedIn

FOAon LinkedIn

FOA- official company page on LinkedIn

FOA- covers FOA, technology and jobs in the fiber opticmarketplace

FOAFiber Optic Training - open to everyone, covers fiberoptic technology and training topics

FOASchool Instructors - a closed group for instructorsand administrators at FOA-approved schools

FOA Reference Books (Printed or eBooks!)

The Basic Fiber and Outside Plant books wereupdated  for 2019

FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics book
FOA text in SpanishFOA Text in FrenchFOA Reference Guide to Premises Cablng book FOA Reference Guide to OSP Fiber Optics bookFOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics Design book FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optic OSP Construction book FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics Testing book
   TheFOA has it's own reference books for everyone working infiber optics - contractors, installers and end users aswell as for use as textbooks in classes at educationalinstitutions. They are available as printed books orKindle at much lower prices than most textbooks since weself-publish and sell online, cutting out the middlemen.Click on the book images for more information. TheReference Guide To Fiber Optics is also available inSpanish and French.

Clickon any book for more information about it.

Getting Started Guides
Lennie   Uncle Ted

Thesetwo guides are simple introductions to the subjects. Theywill explain the applications, jargon, components andinstallation in a quick overview.
LennieLightwave's Guide to Fiber Optics (online) andavailable as PDFdownload or a freeiBook on iTunes  
UncleTed's Guide to Communications (Premises) Cabling  (online) and available as a PDFdownload or a freeiBook on iTunes  
Lennieand Uncle Ted are now available as freeiBooks on iTunes

LookingFor "Hands-On" Fiber Optic Training?
Youcan find a list of FOA approved schools that offer CFOT?certification here on the listof FOA approved schools.Our new sortable listing and Google Map make finding theright school for you easier!

FOACertified persons must renew their CFOT?or CFOS certifications when they expire. Pleasemake sure we have your current address. Downloadthe renewal form, orrenew online.


The Fiber Optic Association Inc. (FOA) is the internationalprofessional association of fiber optics. FOA is charteredto promote fiber optics through education, certification andstandards.

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