Webster Definition for "reality":

xyx性爽欧美Main Entry: re·al·i·ty
Pronunciation: rE-'a-l&-tE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
Date: 1550
1 : the quality or state of being real
2 a (1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs (2) : the totality of realthings and events b: something that is neither derivative nordependent but exists necessarily- in reality : in actual fact

Webster Definition for "sculptor":

xyx性爽欧美Main Entry: sculp·tor
Pronunciation: 'sk&lp-t&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from sculpere
Date: 1634
: an artist who makes sculptures

My Definition for "Reality Sculptors":

Main Entry: re·al·i·ty sculp·tors
Pronunciation: rE-'a-l&-tE 'sk&lp-t&rz
Function: proper noun
Etymology: English phrase, from above
Date: 1993, coined by Patrick G. Salsbury
: A group of people working to shape real things and events in artfuland creative ways.

What is Reality Sculptors, exactly?

It's a Design Science project I have in mind, which is slowly working its way out into the real world. It all started many years ago on Thursday, December 30th, 1993. I had some sort of idea or flash of insight which caused me to write the words "Reality Sculptors" down on a piece of paper. I liked the name, and thought it had a nice ring to it.

Sometime shortly thereafter, I put that piece of paper aside andcompletely forgot about it. :-)

A few months after that, I re-found the paper, and rediscovered theidea. That idea being this:

Reality is malleable.

By this I mean that things are not fixed. "Reality", that thing thatsurrounds us and that many people think of as a solid, permanent thing, isreally more like a river, flowing around and through everything we see. Itis shapable, it is able to be molded, and it is able to be sculpted.

Take, for example, this website. In the beginning, it was a passingidea that flitted through my mind.

Two words: "Reality Sculptors". That was all.

And from that tiny seed of an idea, it has grown into a tangibleentity. A domain carved out of cyberspace.

On a larger scale, look at Los Angeles, or Mexico City, or Tokyo. Eachof these is a construct. It has been formed by the efforts of millions ofpeople, shaping reality into a form completely different than that whichwas there even a few decades or centuries ago.

That, in essence, is my thesis. That we have the ability to shape thereality around us. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, once yourealize that EVERYTHING is changeable, given time, focus, and energy.

So, just what sort of "sculpting" are wetalking about, here?

Looking for info on autonomous houses? Check here. xyx性爽欧美
The Reality SculptorsWiki is where you can find the online version ofThe Whole FutureCatalog and a bunch of other cool things.

(The Wiki is also where WorldFuture Society members who saw the write-up in the Fall 2002 issue of"Futures Research Quarterly"probably want to start.)

Or, you might want to try The Design ScienceCommunity Wiki, an interactive portal into the world of Design Science.It provides a growing collection of articles, projects, people, and linksinvolved in helping to bring about a "Design Science Revolution" in theeffort to make the world work a little bit better every day. As with theother Wiki sections, you may add to the pages and help build the onlinecommunity. Please do!

Check out The Reality Sculptors Faq-O-Matic for answers to various Frequently Asked Questions about The Project.

We're also an active member of the Seti@Home project
If you wish to join our SETI@Home group, go here.
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Patrick G. Salsbury

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